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From naming a boat with your brand to having your logo on the sails, there are numerous opportunities to market your business and make it visible from every corner of the UK and beyond. Link your brand to the unique way in which sailing inspires positive teamwork and sets personal challenges in equal measure.  And promoting your brand will not end with the race! Find out how the boats will be used throughout the year, visiting Europe and other UK ports – keeping your brand alive!  Contact us.

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Premier sailing racing

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Premier Sailing have operated round Britain events for the past four years.  Many businesses have taken the opportunity to use the vessels to promote their brands and support a major charity.

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Premier sailing racing

The Route

Premier Sailing Racing is running the adrenaline pumping round the UK race starting from London on 7th August 2021……

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Who are we?


Premier Sailing is an award-winning sailing business, providing training, cruises and now racing, enabling people to enjoy sailing experiences in a cost-effective way.

Unique to us is the ‘Round Britain’ cruise, which is now in its 5th year, and in 2016 won the ‘Sailing Today Cruise of the Year’ award. Over the past five years many businesses have benefited from having their brand promoted on the hull of the Macmillan vessels.  The Capitals race takes this to a much higher level of exposure with the boats remaining branded for the entire season.